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November 17th, 2012

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

To understand Israeli-Palestinian conflict: it's like if native North American people would never give up and continue fighting against those who came to live here many years ago. But just these days’ native people would become terrorists. They would organize terrors trying to kill North American innocent people. They would become even more sophisticated and learn to produce their own bombs and throw them on the small and big cities such as NYC, LA, Toronto, etc… But the North Americans would try to be nice: they’d provide them food, electricity, medicines, etc.. so they will be happy. But the only thing they want is to get their lands back and to kill whoever doesn’t belong here. The world would try to help them too: european union ships will arrive here for whatever they call humanitarian help bringing them food, clothes and money. But they would spend money for terrorism and bombs manufacturing). And the other world would blame North Americans for not treating natives well enough. This is what this conflict about.